Retainer or Contingency?

How to decide

Should you use a Retainer or Contingency Search Firm?

A common question in starting an executive level search is whether to contract on a contingency basis or a retainer basis.  Simply put, with a contingency search no money is paid to the search firm until a referred candidate is hired.  With a retainer search, a portion of the total fee is paid at the outset of the search.  PPI does both contingency and retainer searches.  A common question often posed to us is why any company would pay upfront when they can avoid doing that.  While the answer seems simple, it is actually much more complicated than that and involves what you actually want from the search firm.

Precision Placements has been around nearly 30 years and alone has been around since 1995.  During that time one of our pillars has been to treat each client professionally.  That involves getting to know them and what they are truly wanting to achieve.  An analogy to your industry would be that we treat each search as manufacturing a high quality tailored suit vs. a commodity t-shirt.  We do this for all searches. But as you can imagine, with a retained search we can devote more resources to getting to know you, what you need, and in finding that perfect match more thoroughly.  This involves spending more time with you, devoting more time and resources in finding the very best candidates, being a stronger advocate for you in the hiring process, and in follow up after the hired candidate starts work.  PPI also extends the guarantee period and in some cases reduces the overall fee for retained searches.

The bottom line is that we want to be your search firm and feel we have no peers when it comes to finding the right fit for senior level searches in the Textile and Apparel industry.  It's not only in finding the most qualified candidate but in finding the right candidate that will make your organization better.  Email us at or call us at 843-475-2699 to further discuss perks we include with our retainer searches and how we may be able to help you with your retainer or contingency search.

We are Textile and Apparel Recruiters

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